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The book is designed to give the user a brief overview of international trade law and can serve as a starting point for research in the area.This resource is intended to serve as an introduction to the institutes and rules that govern trade between sovereign states.It explores international trade from the perspective of public law, private law and conflicts of law. In addition to these locations, there are a number of places where one can find the text of the agreements establishing GATT and the WTO, as well as the history and development of the organizations.Chapters include such topics as the components of the law of international trade, the regulation of international trade and the rules of states and international organizations. It contains a detailed index, a table of cases and a table of legislation to assist the researcher in finding the necessary information. The Diamond Library contains numerous resources relating to GATT, the Uruguay Round and the WTO.For additional assistance in finding International Trade Law materials at Columbia's Diamond Law Library, please do not hesitate to contact the reference librarians at the Reference desk.Consult the law library homepage for general information and reference desk hours.This resource presents an introduction to the major issues that arise in international trade.

Then the guide will proceed through a discussion of the major multilateral trade agreements, regional trade agreements and United Nations trade bodies.

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