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Save yourself first, don’t expect someone else to, be your own knight in shining armor. If you walk around with this type of confidence, you will attract the right type of men into your life.

I get it, trust me…dating after a break up is terrifying. “You fought, you loved, you lost, walk tall.” Acknowledge your past but free yourself from it and walk tall into that dating world. Guys who are scared of strong women who are a force of nature are not one’s you want to settle down and have a relationship with.

Think of their buttons are more primitive than an older woman, and you will need far less words and more action to get in their pants.

For example, with an older woman you meet in a bar or club, you have to talk to them for an extended period of time before you get their number, but with a college girls you can sit next to her in class, chat up about the subject at hand, toss out a couple jokes, and then suggest a meet up later to study for an exam.

If she is underage then it definitely will be a party.

Be happy for your friends in a relationship and stop trying to compare yourself to them.

Take it one day at a time and don't rush the future. A boyfriend is not the answer to all of life’s problems (boys most likely will cause more problems because that’s what they are good at!

) If you go out looking for someone who you think is going to fix who you are and save you, you will end up disappointed. You have to be strong and comfortable in who you are before you can lean on someone else for support.

Always monitor if she is asking you questions about yourself and your background as an indicator to whether you are getting green lights or not.

Flirting and building attraction is crucial when it comes to helping the girl decide that she wants to sleep with you.

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