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Adorned with roses, geraniums and camellias the Millefleurs egg cup from renowned French homeware brand Gien is a beautiful addition to your collection.

Designed by Isabelle de Borchgrave it is a botanical masterpiece.

First created in the 18th century, Gien's delightful Oiseaux de Paradis design is inspired by ancient Chinese birds of paradise porcelain while the coquille shape is reminiscent of French Rouen faience.It is a beautiful place to quietly observe the inhabitants of the forests and lakes. About Gien The number one producer of earthenware in France, Gien's world-famous tableware appeals to both traditional and contemporary consumers with playful designs including delicate florals, animal motifs and distinctive French scenes.Made in France using original hand-finishing methods, the collection spans cups and bowls, serving plates and baking dishes to complete your kitchen collection.Having a few friends over for a post-event dessert? A wonderful addition to any tabletop service or antique china collection.Add some French "joie de vivre" to your table with this lovely assortment of antique Gien porcelain dessert / salad plates, International Silver dessert / salad forks, and a Wm. The set includes eleven mid-19th century Gien black & white transferware plates from the rare "Les Jours de Guignon" series.

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