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Although there are no relevant sources prior to Sargon's reign, his own inscriptions describe Midas of Phrygia as having long been a thorn in the empire's side, having never submitted to Sargon's predecessors and refusing diplomatic contacts.

Now, Sargon's army conquers some fortresses in western Que that Midas of Phrygia had taken 'very long ago', indicating that Midas must have been in power for some time.

This campaign results in an Assyrian foray deep into Phrygia but does not stop Midas from his continuing intervention in Que and Tabal.

It occupied the area of the far eastern Anatolian section of the Mediterranean coastline, including the city of Adana (or Adaniya or even Adanawa), and followed the two main rivers north to the borders of Tabal.Midas of Phrygia conquers several fortresses in the west of the state.The act seems to go unpunished by the Assyrians who are the overlords of Hiyawa, possibly because Tiglath-Pileser III is heavily involved in campaigns in Syria.They could be connected to the Sea Peoples known as the Danya.Other groups of Denyen are also believed to settle in Cyprus.

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