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Lets discuss the values that this particular person has set up.We have already established that which boundaries are set is not as important as the fact that boundaries are set and adhered to.She identifies for herself the purpose of a “date”.The date to her is friendly time spent with an opposite sexed person in which there is some possibility of a romantic relationship growing. A lunch or movie with someone without any romantic possibility (family member, girl friend, casual opposite sex friend) is simply not a “date” in this context.First, the level-1 values for physical touch continue (affectionate embrace or touch) and extend a little by allowing a kiss, but stops short of anything more.Her reasoning is that she is honestly seeking a life partner.Most successful people discipline themselves to do the things that yield success and also discipline themselves to NOT do things that might undermine their success.Examples abound in the world around us: The champion athlete subjects him or herself to a strenuous training regimen and avoids (boundaries) those things that will hinder success such as unhealthy diet, erratic sleep patterns, drugs, tobacco The person working to achieve wealth will follow the financial principles of the top people in the industry and will avoid (boundaries) buying on impulse, accumulating consumer debt, any form of debt that is not associated with well-thought-out investment.

For instance smoking may not subterfuge the work of an artist but it may spell death to the career of an athlete.How many ministers and politicians have had their careers ruined because they violate boundaries associated with sexual responsibility? The values this young woman sets are not part of the discussion. The story does underline, however, how important boundaries can be in safe guarding relationships in a dating and beyond context.[Curiously, actors, entertainers, and some athletes seem reasonably immune to the destructive effects of sexual impropriety to their careers . This dialog is actually part of an earlier edition of the book.In the case of our hypothetical 20-year old (let’s call her Amanda), we see a clear set of boundaries that are probably more conservative than average. In non-dating relationships I will touch or embrace others in a way that expresses pleasure in their company, affection, or comfort.Never will physical contact suggest or imply sexual intent.

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We shift our discussion now to boundaries in the context of human relationships.

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