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A lot of netizens claim to be outraged by the new programme and some say it should be renamed ‘Chinese Traditions and Prejudices’.“The girls are mature, understanding, ambitious, and responsible, but the boys are spoiled, so they never grow up,” one wrote on weibo.“Every time I see her sitting at home all alone I feel very sad. The views expressed in these publications are solely the views of Chin Tell Limited and do not necessarily reflect the views or investment ideas of HSBC.She doesn’t have to get married right away but I’d like for her to find someone she likes,” the mother explains. No responsibility will therefore be assumed by HSBC for the contents of these publications or for the errors or omissions therein.After a brief introduction, the parents take turns asking tough questions before determining whether the contestant is a good match for their child.

Worrying about their offspring’s marital prospects remains a major part of Chinese culture and parents still play a key role in decisionmaking about their children’s nuptials.But on the show she was shamed and criticised from head to toe,” Caixin Weekly thunders.Still, putting entertainment aside, the pains parents go through to find their children a spouse are very real.Others say the programme reflects how many Chinese families still expect women to play the caretaker role in the family, even though the number of educated women in the population is higher than ever before.Indeed, most of the bachelors’ families openly admit that the most important qualities in a woman are ”to produce the next generation”, “take care of the husband” and “manage the household”.

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