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For example, touching a finger to a hot stove sends an electrical impulse that goes from the finger to the brain.The brain replies, “ouch, hot” and the finger is pulled away.Not enough research has been done on the other ones, cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG) plus others, to know much about their mechanisms of effect.This system, an integral part of our physiologies, was discovered in the mid-1990s by Israeli researcher Dr.Synthetic cannabinoids, like the ones found in Marinol, also fit the receptor sites but don’t work as efficiently as the natural ones.This research barely created a stir when first published as the whole world was still wrapped up in drug war madness.There is some evidence that the receptors might also be in the micro parts of the brain’s basal ganglia, or nerve bundles.

From a therapeutic standpoint, it’s most important effect is to modulate and moderate the perception of pain.

One of the other effects of CBD is that it moderates the effects of THC.

It actually knocks THC off the CB1 receptor, so if someone is experiencing THC intoxication, a strong dose of CBD can counteract those effects.

It’s only been about five years since CBD re-emerged in the medical cannabis scene and was identified through Steephill Labs.

The benefits of CBD-rich medicine, with its anti-spasmodic qualities, is one the most exciting and promising areas of cannabis medical research currently happening.

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