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Let your friends know you are taken, have boundaries.

There are nine types of people a married person needs to be aware of and keep boundaries to protect themselves from. "The one in need of a hero" This is where many married men fall prey, they see a young lady, a damsel in distress.

Protect your marriage from this by only entertaining visitors when you are together, show love to your spouse before your neighbors, have a healthy sex life that you have no time looking out the window, telling off a neighbor who is checking you out.4.

"The work mate"You are married, perhaps you spend more hours at work than at home; Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm, or even night shifts.

You might feel a thrill talking with this new person since your spouse is old news, you've known pretty much everything about your spouse. Only a fool would abandon a marriage that has stood for years for a complete stranger.

Anything exciting you wish to do with a stranger, go do it with your spouse.

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