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MONDAY, MAY 12, 2008 the VARSl TY '^^^■^K^^^V'^ THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO'S STUDENT NEWSPAPER SINCE 1880 VOL. 1 Admin lay academic charges After cops nab 14, supporters claim U of T 'hand-selected' protest leaders to be arrested Naushad AN Husein NEWS CO-EDITOR U of T appears to be continuing its crackdown on fee hike protesters.

The administration has threatened four student leaders, including a governor, with action under the Code of Student Conduct over disruption of an April 10 Governing Council meeting.

But Dadachanji said the administra- tion was involved in the arrests.

"Four- teen people have been hand-selected by the university because of their positions as key organizers," she said.

Last year, after GC voted to in- crease fees, financial reports showed a net income of 4.5 million on U of T's operations.

The new fee hike has student unions worried that U of T will become less financially accessible.

Rob Steiner, U of T's AVP of strategic communications, dismissed the possi- bility of financial barriers.

"Achieving these degree objectives will prepare our graduates with the transferable skills necessary given the dynamic nature of the workforce and the world today," said Suzette Stevenson, vice dean of students in Arts & Science, who oversaw the changes.

The restructuring of the academic calendar will take effect in Septem- ber 2009. Final exams will not be sched- uled after April 30, giving students a chance to find summer jobs that will actually look good on a resume.

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