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Unfortunately for AJ and Cena, this scandal was still far from over.

Professional wrestler John Cena has responded to a popular hashtag making the rounds on social media, #Beat Up John Cena, started by his rival AJ Styles.

Weren't we done with the Randy Orton-Jinder Mahal brouhaha?

As of last week, each performer moved on to new and exciting storylines, with Mahal having walked away with the upper hand.

Perhaps it was a way to give Orton a win back after all of the losses he took along the way, but at this point in their respective careers, it does far more to hurt Mahal then it does to help Orton.

Without the Singh brothers at his side, he ended up looking fairly hapless.

But during Cena's long, passionate soliloquy, Baron Corbin interrupted, delivered a few fighting words and, , another big-time match was added to the Summer Slam card.

There's no rush for him to successfully cash in and, for now, he gets a match against the company's most legendary active competitor."Strength; the ability to resist being broken by force," the Cenation leader wrote on Twitter Wednesday about how he was weathering the adversity.Styles started the hashtag Monday on Raw when the Phenomenal One, alongside his Club partners Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, ticked off the different ways they would "beat up John Cena." Fans quickly flocked to Twitter where they to began to explain creatively how and when they would #Beat Up John Cena."When it's time to #Beat Up John Cena and you're almost late," wrote fan Ben Talks Wrestling alongside a photo of referee Charles Robinson running to the ring. #Beat Up John Cena," user The Bad Guy added on Twitter alongside a photo of his daily to do list at work, which ended with beating up John Cena.Nikki Bella has been dating John Cena since back in 2012, which has led to many whispers that her relationship has given her a helping hand in her WWE career.

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On this day in history: November 12th, 2012 | Despite the fact that she had resigned as Raw GM, AJ Lee‘s John Cena scandal hadn’t yet blown over.

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