Catholics dating muslims

I am trying to deliver the truth, being from Texas does not mean I am ignorant. You are talking about Middle East, Oh yeah, WHAT do you really know about Middle East?!

Please before you judge ask someone who really knows.

Moderator - No, a Catholic and Muslim can't get married according to the Bible because they would be unequally yoked.

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Finally, after what I have explained to you, I would like to tell you that Marriage is based only on both the husband and the wife.

If they love and respect each other and are honest to each other before and after the marriage, then whatever their religions are or the environment is, their marriage will last forever.

I have been told many times a muslim woman can't marry a catholic man.

If neither one of you is converting, what do you have to do to make the marriage valid in each religion?

She told the court: “My parents refused to accept my relationship with a Catholic man. And my cousins wanted him to convert to Islam, which he refused to do.” The court heard the victim’s father, a hardline Muslim, threatened his daughter with death over the phone saying: “If I find you, I’ll kill you”.Finally, I would say, Muslims respect Christians and cannot kill them, and Christians are suppose to love them and pray for them, so lets just do that. To my brothers and sisters, please don't just generalized things based on a very few examples that might be wrong.Hitler, Bin Laden, and many others don't represent but themselves, they are in no way related to any religion but terrorism, they killed thousands of innocent people. Dear Shira, Mark, and Paul, I am not trying to convince anyone with anything.YOU will find, when you die, that that part of you that you gave to others will NOT die with you. Is it those beautiful black tents you have to wear, the change of your status to mere "property", or the chance to wear an exploding vest? If you both become Christians, then your marriage will be blessed by God.May God bless you all, and please forgive me and pray for me, so that I find my true love. As far as a sinner blesing your marriage, that is not possible, for a non Christian cannot impart Christian blessings.

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I have lived in many countries in the Middle East for more than 25 years!!

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