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This elasticity unleashed a new freedom to experiment, fantasize, and role-play.As the digital age bloomed, sexual variety reigned.There were quite a lot of women on The WELL—for an Internet group, it was a shocking number. It didn’t even occur to me that computers were supposed to be a guy-only space.[As part of ] this private women’s conference—it was more gossipy and talking about our private lives and things you didn’t necessarily want everyone else to see in public—someone started a topic called ‘That Son-of-a-Bitch.’ ” She laughs. “This woman told a story about how she’d met this wonderful man on The WELL and it just all seemed so incredibly touching and poignant and like a match made in heaven. So we were ‘listening’ to her describe how sexy it was.Bright recalls that she had first gone online because she’d heard that on a computer bulletin board called The WELL a community of people was engaged in a discussion thread labeled “Why I Love Susie Bright.”Bright now says, in a series of interviews and emails, “The WELL was like the shiny new toy that everyone in the media was fascinated with. The first time there was a sex hoax on the Internet—at least that I am aware of—it happened at The WELL.

’ They compared notes—and it was the same man.” When they floated his name to the wider community of The WELL, Bright recalls, “there was complete pandemonium. And he had been doing this with so many other chicks, it was just [crazy].”Bright recalls her reaction: “I’m sitting there at my keyboard and I just dropped my cup of coffee, because I had just fucked this guy in New York City a couple of weeks earlier. And I felt really embarrassed because, unlike the others, I had not given him money. [He] was, as far as I knew, the first Internet cad.”There were downsides, there were upsides.

There were hatchling websites that stole printed porn pictures and posted them as their own; sites that featured virtual strip blackjack; sites where online models popped up in tiny matchbook-size peep-holes, responding to keyboard commands (“How about removing those fish-nets? The Internet began to micropander to every type of sexual connoisseur.

One of the earliest Net-sex horror stories involved an online skeeve who turned out to be a con artist. One of the West Coast leaders of sex-positive feminism, Bright in the early 1990s had left her job editing .

In the early days of the Web, Mayes notes, “the digital sexual image is very private—you take it, put it up on your computer, share it just with the people you want to see it. For all the benefits that these websites brought us—gay and straight and otherwise—little did we know the extent to which our personal images would become public commodities that had the potential to spin out of control.”The Internet, for many, was a virtual singles bar.

On the largest dating sites, chemistry (both sexual and interpersonal) would be replaced by algebra.

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