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They may not have chosen their paths, but that doesn’t grant them the right to cut others down.Given the divisive nature of our world, comedy shouldn’t draw reductive lines.If you can’t watch TV in peace while a coat is draped over the couch, you shouldn’t deride another person’s disinterest in interests. And to add fuel to this fire, Brad isn’t nearly as overbearing as Bonnie or any of them make him out to be.Although he teaches Christy ingredient replacements and how to have tantric sex (which is a bonkers concept, I’ll give her that one), he doesn’t drop dissertations on converting to veganism.In theory, it’s an obvious next step and a time saver for Bonnie, who has to lug bags upon bags over to Adam’s when she stays the night.But where there’s smoke with these two, there’s a five-alarm fire.When Christy starts dating Brad (guest star Bret Harrison), an earth-conscious vegan, he doesn’t receive the same acceptance.In order to fit in with Brad, her first relationship prospect since Chris Pratt’s midseason guest appearance, Christy subjects herself to the wonders of plant-based lasagna and quinoa cakes.

Who is Adam to judge Brad when he’s as anal retentive as Monica Geller?

Sure, for someone not adhering to a vegan diet, that can be taxing. ” That’s a direct quote from Adam, completing the trifecta of homophobia, ignorance, and heteronormativity.

But approaches Brad’s differing perspectives on nutrition, sex, and even his choices of entertainment with an old hat informality that projects an ill-fitting attitude. We shouldn’t expect Jill, Bonnie, and Adam to live perfect, politically correct lives.

Still, despite what he says, mung bean pizza isn’t better than the real thing. to roast a character for simply living their truth.

Not to quote an animated rabbit, but Thumper has it right. Bonnie, Christy and their friends wouldn’t appreciate an outsider who can drink alcohol responsibly making light of their reliance on group meetings and hard-earned willpower.

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