Bosco wong and linda chung dating

He has ideals, and these ideals are strongly rooted into the very core of his being.He knows himself rather well and because he’s aware of what background Chi Lam comes from and what business her father does, he decides to avoid a relationship with her despite his lingering emotions.

Sum, as an officer of the WPU unit and later of the Criminal Investigation Division, isn’t one of your classic romantic heroes that give up his career and his principles to run away with the girl of his dreams.Rating: 4.5/5 really emotional clouds This is how the series starts out.When Sum and Chi Lam meet, their relationships is strictly professional.In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, but due to the disappearance and death of his former girlfriend, he’s reluctant to venture into future romances.Throughout the entire series, Kiu Gong San goes from being loving father to Chi Lam and Sum’s antagonist.

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However I do believe he developed feelings for Chi Lam because at the start of the story but it was his professional attitude as an officer of the law that stood between him and her.

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