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/usr/bin/python import sys, os raw Data = sys.stdin.readlines() hookdata = eval(raw Data[0].replace(':null', ': None')) data = hookdata['data'] username = data['user'] if not exists('/home/%s/tmp/awstats' % username): os.makedirs('/home/%s/tmp/awstats' % username) f = open('/home/%s/tmp/awstats/include' % username, 'w') f.write('Log Format="%host %other %logname %time1 %methodurl %code %bytesd %refererquot %uaquot %extra1"\n') f.write('Extra Section Name1="Time to serve requests (seconds)"\n') f.write('Extra Section Code Filter1=""\n') f.write('Extra Section First Column Title1="Number of seconds to serve the request"\n') f.write('Extra Section First Column Values1="extra1,(.*)"\n') f.write('Extra Section Stat Types1="H"\n') f.write('Extra Tracked Rows Limit=100000\n') f.close() if exists('/home/%s/tmp/awstats' % username): os.system('chown -R %s:%s /home/%s/tmp/awstats' % (username, username, username))The code reads stdin, replaces :null with : None.This is done to support python2.4 which is default on centos5 machines. It then creates a directly in the users tmp directory called awstats. All basic perl interpreters can make AWStats working, * Dynamic reports as CGI output.* Check out the best no deposit casinos and bonuses in the UK right here * NLTechno company * New-Online uk - where every new casino in UK is born.* Compare all the latest new casino sites in the United Kingdom! * Casino - The ultimate Swedish Casino bonus comparison site * The Norwegian casino guide Casino Pa * We at take pride in being Norways best guide for new casinos.* Paras nettikasino - Finnish online casino directory * - the swedish guide about casino online * The Swedish online casino guide Casino * Casino Online - Find the best casino * Casino for their long-term support of the AWStats development.Searching new records from beginning of log file...

This is also based on the amount of visitors you have.So I made a small cpanel hook, that is using their hook system.The hook itself is a small python script, which hooks into ‘Whostmgr:: Accounts:: Create’, reads the data from stdin to get information from the accounts getting created in cpanel, it generates a awstats config file in the users home directory, which will get loaded for that specific user. Fri, -0000 AWStats Log Analyzer 7.4 is available Mon, -0000 AWStats 7.3 and new social network channels for AWStats news Thu, -0000 AWStats 7.2 is ready Sat, -0000 AWStats 7.1 stable is ready Mon, -0000 AWStats is a free powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically. * Static reports in one or framed HTML/XHTML pages, experimental PDF export, * Look and colors can match your site design, can use CSS, * Help and tooltips on HTML reported pages, * Easy to use (Just one configuration file to edit), * Analysis database can be stored in XML format for XSLT processing, * A Webmin module, * Absolutely free (even for web hosting providers), with sources (GNU General Public License), * Available on all platforms, * AWStats has a XML Portable Application Description.This log analyzer works as a CGI or from command line and shows you all possible information your log contains, in few graphical web pages. Requirements: To use AWStats, you need the following requirements: * Your server must log web access in a log file you can read.

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