Astrological dating network

So you proceed forward, create a profile and decide to respond to someone else's profile.

One of the things you don't know is where you are on someone's online dating list.

By the way, YOU will be the one who has to relocate.

Your Taurus date will be open to long distance or Internet relationships, but at some point he or she will want you to relocate.

The problem with some Gemini individuals is that they may quickly get bored with you, so a long distance relationship may easily fade.

These people do not want to leave their homes and families, so don't expect them to relocate.

Enter: Align, the new Los Angeles-based app launching today that connects you with your match made in astrological heaven. Based on your sign, the app presents you with a list of adjectives and emojis.

You choose the six you identify with the most, which then appear on your profile.

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