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On this guest blog, residency project manager Cassie Flores gives a recap of Guerilla Science’s first ever Artist-Scientist Festival Residency which brought together new interdisciplinary teams of researchers and creators for the Oregon Eclipse Festival in August 2017.On March 2017, Guerilla Science held an open call seeking artist-scientist collaborations to produce original installations and workshops for Oregon Eclipse Festival.They also got to learn more about performance from GS’ own Rachel Karpf, fresh off her work as Science Dramaturg for Works on Water.She was able to meet one-on-one with each team, to examine how they could best convey the excitement they felt about their works to audience members.In the thick of the desires of a dating life, the occasional emotional upheaval of an unmarried couple, and in the numerous stresses and duties that need a team approach in a committed partnership, one can find themselves wishing for there to be just one clue as to whether they are with the right person.It just happens that there's an extremely quick and easy trait of character - a hidden "dealbreaker" for you to screen others with in your romantic life.If you were considering being exclusive, having them as a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, or perhaps you're already in a commitment, it's a big, big problem if they are not a curious person. There are several reasons, and they all peg to some specific working parts of the psyche, gender instincts, and character.

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They held renegade rounds of sensory speed dating, danced around while learning about biofeedback, competed to create the best (p H-balanced) personal lube, and tried (and largely failed) to do everything from catch a ball to write their names with literally altered perception via some wild goggles. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to get the latest on future projects and events.

They got curious, they got inspired, and they kept coming back for more.

For many busy people with heavy workloads, duties, and stress, it might not occur at first that there are good and bad investments we make - even in the very first moments of spending time, energy, or any resources on a potential date, mate, or eventual spouse. In the end you'll find that curiosity didn't "kill the cat." It saved the marriage - likely through the wisdom to recognize its presence as early as the first date. If you were only interested in a casual, fun flirtation - or sex - it's a bad investment to be with a person who is not curious about you, about themselves, or about people in general.

If we could only choose one thing to look for, it ought to be their capacity for curiosity. It would be a boring connection - dispassionate, stilted lovers instead of meaningful intimacy promising better things to come.

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Lastly, there was an East and West Coast “demo-day”, where residents got to test their workshops and installations on each other, and begin to get a sense of how the festival would go. It was amazing to see the residency projects come to life, but they certainly weren’t the only stars.

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