Article about dating abuse

I worry that the abuser may find out if I call and come after my loved ones or me.

I also worry that things might get worse if I call and stir things up.

You should be aware that calls, texts and instant messages are confidential sources of support. Become aware and familiar with the signs of family violence.

I’m not confident that what I’m seeing is family violence. You should feel encouraged to call and ask questions.

Protecting children from abuse and neglect is a community responsibility.

” campaign is a first-of-its-kind effort designed to increase awareness of family violence and to change the behaviors of individuals who may be witnessing such acts.I recognize that something is going on that looks like family violence.However, I don’t want to be dragged into someone else’s drama. What happens in someone’s home is none of my business.It is important for parent(s) to know whom your teens are dating and to talk with them about healthy relationships.Keep in mind that some teens may mistake attention as expressions of love when in fact they are warning signs of control.

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Teen dating abuse may be physical, sexual, financial, verbal or emotional in nature.

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