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Maka had been dragged from movie night with her weapon to girl’s night with half of Spartoi, only to be sprung with a bait and switch, to have been dressed, and painted, and spritzed, and fussed over. Have fun—and remember, if you chicken out you’ll be sorry! It appeared she was off to tell some poor sap she wasn’t interested. At least she’d probably be home in time for movie night. It took months to get reservations to the place, it was pricey, and it was hailed by most as the best restaurant in the city. Walking in, she gave her name at the hostess stand and was ushered into the dark, stylish space to a quiet, cozy corner booth, compete with candles. She ordered a glass of wine—apparently this was all on Kid’s tab, so if her god/boss/long time friend was going to be in on this absurd attempt to meddle with her love life, well, she figured he deserved to buy her an overpriced glass of grape juice. Hell, all the boys, too, since if he was here, it meant they’d been in on it, too. They’d ended up scooted together on one side of the booth, and she had her head resting on his shoulder. She was at a really nice restaurant, stuffed with an amazing dinner, head full of expensive wine, all with the one she loved. “Sorry about this,” she ventured finally, the alcohol willing her tongue to speak her stray thought. They just have a funny, really invasive way of doing it.”“Oh yeah, I know.” He shrugged. Too bad she really did want to screw him—that was the whole problem.“I’m not discussing this, now or ever,” she said, voice shaking in rage.“No,” Soul said quietly, sitting back, giving her space. We do.”“No, we really don’t.”“Yes, we really do,” he sighed, flushed with the wine and, most likely, amusement.

Weapon’s honor.”"Like you have honor,” she grumbled before turning pleading eyes to the dark arm weapon standing off to the side. “It’s—well, okay, I look good.”“No, you look hot,” Liz corrected."Still wish I knew who I was looking hot for,” she groused.“Well, you’re about to find out. Just give your name at the hostess stand and they’ll direct you. She absently wondered what Soul would think of the dress as they pulled up to the restaurant. She could run around in only a towel and he would be oblivious—she should know. Well, she sighed as she got out of the car, maybe her date would appreciate the dress. Looking around, she had to admit she was impressed. If they were making her do this, at least they were doing it in style. Maka couldn’t say she was sorry—maybe he wouldn’t show at all and she could avoid a hell of a lot of awkwardness. “I say we have dinner together.”"Sounds like a plan, although,” a smile spread on her face to match his own, “I still haven’t ruled out the possibility of a slaughter.”“Well, if you’re still up for it after we break Kid’s wallet, count me in. It’s my civic duty or whatever.”She laughed and they laughed and they then proceeded to execute their “plan.”Three bottles of very pricey wine, three appetizers, two salads, two soups, two high end entrees, two desserts, and two Irish coffees later and they were both stuffed to the gills and laughing over the seven hundred dollar bill. Kid’ll be ecstatic,” Soul said lazily as he took another sip of his Irish coffee. “Noooo, we should make it 888.81 just to drive him insane.” He snorted in turn, chuckling, and the vibration felt nice against her. Screw Liz, and Patti, and Kim, and Jackie, and especially Tsu, who she never, never should have admitted the truth to. And screw her stupid, stupid weapon for toying with her now. And—” she paused, her heart hammering in her chest suddenly at the words she was about to speak. ”“I’d like to, yeah,” he said softly.“Me too,” her voice was just as soft, her heartbeat even louder in her ears as she leaned forward to kiss him.

Death City is home to the famous Death Weapon Meister Academy, a technical academy headed by the Shinigami—Lord Death himself.

Its mission: to raise "Death Scythes" for the Shinigami to wield against the many evils of their fantastical world.

You can find the others here: Day 1 ~ Day 2 ~ Day 3 ~ Day 4—-A blind date—seriously?

Yes, that's right, now you need SKILL to kill him. #Pointless Update I made this because I could, and for sheer fun. Soul Eater Simulator 2015, now renamed Soul Eater Simulator Classic, has been officially cancelled because I'm working on the sequel. Sorry about the removal, I was working on an options update, but it wasn't working out. Disclaimer: Soul Eater Simulator 2 is in development, so there will be no further updates for this game. Made it so that when I play, I hear Black Paper Moon instead of Resonance..action_button.action_button:active.action_button:hover.action_button:focus.action_button:hover.action_button:focus .count.action_button:hover .count.action_button:focus .count:before.action_button:hover .count:before.u-margin-left--sm.u-flex.u-flex-auto.u-flex-none.bullet.

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Each hunter is paired with a partner who can turn into a weapon, and the two must fight in unison.

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