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Audrey, Ryan, carol, Gwynn, Denise (welcome) and everyone -- We should all be having coffee at the café this morning :) Denise, there is a wonderful, old rock song using your name. I am about 40 miles south, so we don't always have what's going on in DC. Of course, we are already into everything Christmas.

Also, snow boarding sounds fun, but I'd rather spend time staying warm inside.carol -- I still have ironing now and again, but not much. As a young girl, my mother had us ironing everything! I don't mind that people want to start early -- I think it makes them happy, and heaven knows, we can all use more of that!

From early morning ears strained buzzing like a bee took stoned her head for the airfield and once again requested landing. Only caught the eye of a calendar with a few circles around the dates recalled that a month has passed since the last illness.

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My goodness Janey now that does bring back some memories - starching, mangles and the smell of washing day, I shall now go to bed remembering the 50's. I push the deep water wash button:) then toss to the dryer! Yes going to the cafe for coffee would be ideal, one of my favourite things is to have coffee and cheese scone at different cafes then rate them depending on the texture and flavour of the scone. Around here, people will get in their car and drive 3 blocks to the post office or such. In Italy and Switzerland, we used trains and busses exclusively. Hi Janey and ALL—PAINTING is done for this winter .. I fear of height…you have to hold the ladder for me I’m raking leaves in these cloudy days and learn how to make gluten free foods as I’m recognised with cilliac……you a nice day in south of CC.. Wanted to stop back and ask HT if he is coming to paint the pink house?

My husband and I were in a Fifteas Tearoom today for coffee and bacon butty, all the old music was playing as usual. Afternoon friends, Well, I'm late to the party and it's now dark at the beach. The other day we were up in Cumbria at one of our favourite cafes. We are headed to Stockholm and Copenhagen in June and will use the same there. I have not seen him in here in awhile, and hope he is just busy!

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thanks I added three screen captures to the 'photo' section today , I was viewing ( 27 sept 2017 )Dubai Marina live cam and saw a faint misty cloudy fog ease in from the left and drop into marina waters, As I watched, the fog continued to roll in, and roll in, and roll in, and build and build, till the end result as seen in the capture.

Several people enjoying the sunlight and water this afternoon here.

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