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Williams kept saying to her team: 'I can't believe that b**** is getting a show with them. 'Those close to Williams believe her over the top response to Martinez getting a talk show pilot was her releasing her frustration with everything else going on in her life.'No one is sure whether she already knew of Kevin's affair or was shocked by the news.Whatever the case, she is more embarrassed the veil has been lifted off her life.'Producers started pouring glasses of champagne to calm her down while the hair, makeup and wardrobe department tried to pull her together,' the source said.'The more her makeup guy tried to touch her face up, the more she cried.'The people around her kept trying to console her and encouraged her to calm down, but no one was getting through to her.Martinez, in her new memoir “My Voice,” recalls that fateful departure day in 2012 and her decades spent schmoozing the biggest legends in hip-hop. "It was such a sensitive and volatile time, I didn't want to inflame things," she says now. On March 9, 1997, Biggie met his death the same way in Los Angeles.

It was actually kind of funny, even in the moment,' Martinez recalled.

That Martinez was rolling with the genre’s best and brightest was never more apparent than the night in 1996 when she turned 25 and the station threw her a party at Palladium. Biggie confided to Martinez he'd like to get onstage, too, but things weren't good with Evans at the moment.

The line to get inside wrapped around the building. Jay Z and Dash made an appearance to present her with another bottle of Cristal.

She played an instrumental role in branding Hot 97 as the voice of hip-hop from the mid-‘90s, with many memorable moments on air. Tupac reached out to Martinez, who believed she could convince the gangsta rapper to say “something positive” and defuse the festering anger. He boasted about how his “military move” against Biggie and Sean (Puff Daddy) Combs was so menacing that both were scared to go on tour. In 1995, she started her on-air career hosting the overnight show.

Martinez was a naïve 25-year-old when she flew west to interview Tupac Shakur months before he was fatally shot on Sept. The beef between the East and West Coast rappers was getting uglier at every turn. One of her segments, "Battle of the Beats," pitted two new releases against each other.

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