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"What I learned from last year was that I don't need to prepare as much as I thought I did.

The cameras go on, they yell at you in your [ear piece] and all bets are off ...

• Chris Brown will be at the Sin City nightclub Pure at Caesars Palace.

What woman doesn't love a feminine, yet sexy pump in her collection?(Image: WENN) » News broke Wednesday that comedian/actor Jim Carrey has a new squeeze - Anastasia Vitkina, a New York City student who previously dated his No Lita restaurant partner David Shoonmaker.Vitkina is just one in a long line of beautiful women Carrey has had on his arm.“I will absolutely have a back and forth with Dick,” Mc Carthy told The Hollywood Reporter.“He’s just in the studio because he’s smart and earned his way.” Mc Carthy also praised Seacrest, who took over on-air hosting duties for the 82-year-old Clark who chose to spend less time in front of the camera after his 2004 stroke.

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