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I wrote a story about the partnership last Monday, and last Wednesday afternoon Amway's Jori Hartwig, vice president of marketing for their North American operations, filled in some details. So the Mets weren't helping to explain a decision that had been called "strange" by .

To really get a sense of just what this storefront was about, I needed to experience it myself.

A simple search of the Uniform Commercial Code database of debts turns up dozens of debts assigned to Wilpon, to his wife, to other family members as well. (For instance, the plaintiffs had an expert witness alleging that more than 99 percent of Amway I. O.s failed to turn a profit.) The lavish settlement prevented any of it from being presented at trial, with a judgment in a civil case like that often a precursor to an FTC investigation.

But other than a brief note well down in a story the following day pointing this out, none of the stories around the city bothered to put Fred Wilpon's assertion in any kind of context. was on hand to prove the effectiveness of Legacy of Clean over a leading brand (obviously, from the white "Leading Brand Cleaner" piece of paper taped over the Tide logo ... "Oh, that's going in the piece for sure," Anna said, laughing. Jori assured me that while this wasn't her area of expertise, she'd make sure those questions were answered during my tour.

After a winter in which the Mets traded Dickey rather than sign him to a team-friendly offer like the one the Blue Jays inked him to approximately a second after trading for him, didn't bother to acquire even the rudiments of a major league outfield, deferred both part of David Wright's salary and nearly all of Jason Bay's and secured just 0 million more in capital from a sports network in the largest American market -- the same winter its Yankees counterpart, YES, was valued at greater than billion -- Fred Wilpon decided to address the media during the first week of spring training last month. It was both irrelevant -- the debt against the team, SNY and Citi Field have been crippling the Mets' operations, not family debt -- and also, not true. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit presented evidence that said Amway failed to meet any of these tests.Why would the Mets, who hadn't rented out space to anyone in front of Citi Field except for Mc Fadden's, a bar, suddenly partner up with Amway, which vowed to "transform" the way they did business as part of settling a class-action suit brought by former Amway Independent Business Owners (I. O.s) accusing them of running a pyramid scheme, at a cost estimated by the attorneys for the plaintiffs of 5 million in 2010? O.s, the test market for potential new Amway members consists of foot traffic in and around Citi Field. That's what the Wilpons signed fans up for, at any rate.And what exactly did Amway, a business without any storefronts in the United States, want with one at Citi Field? Amway had opened a business center at Citi Field, complete with a grand opening featuring Miss America. The length of the lease for this pilot program ran for the duration of the baseball season, and the Mets' schedule is prominently featured on the center's website. Since the area around Citi Field consists mostly of chop shops and is virtually deserted when the Mets aren't playing, that makes Mets fans the pilot program of potential I. How you feel about that has a lot to do with how much you believe in Amway.Give Amway credit: They threw their doors open to me and gave me the full experience.I was escorted around the massive space by Nancy Rivera, manager of the new location, and Anna Bryce, who works in public relations with Amway.

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The same was true at the second store-within-a-store, designed to evaluate my skin through the F. Then Alderson failed to re-sign Scott Hairston, by far his best 2012 outfielder, or add anyone else of note. Nancy explained that this was a function of how busy they were this weekend.

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