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With her grooves and gorgeousness, Allison Holker has undoubtedly enchanted many hearts.Being a confidential type of person, she prefers to keep her personal life under wrap. After dating for around two and half years, she and her beau Stephen “t Witch” Boss decided to take their relation a step further. As the couple shares good understanding and love, the word divorce might simply do not exist in their vocabulary.“No words were exchanged — it was a lot of awkward moments where we’d be in a room by ourselves, like just the two of us, and we’d just stare at each other.And then I would awkwardly like, kind of waddle out of the room, trying to look pretty. We dance battle.” The couple moved in together and had been dating for more than two years when t Witch decided he wanted to propose.It all begin back on “SYTYCD” Season 7, when the pair first officially met (they had met briefly during Season 2, but Allison doesn’t remember meeting t Witch – who looked completely different at the time).“The moment I saw him in the first rehearsal, I had a crush on him,” Allison told Laura.But [didn’t] want to look like I was trying too hard! His initial idea was to take Allison to his hometown of Montgomery, Ala., to pop the question, as that’s where he and his now-fiancee said their first “I love yous” (awwwwww! But Allison ended up booking work and wouldn’t have been able to fit traveling into her schedule.

Began dancing at age 3, she never looked back since then.

“I kept my distance because I was so embarrassed and I was like, ‘Oh, he would never talk to me,’ and I knew I was going to be so geeked and like that little kid back in high school that didn’t know what to say.

“And so literally, the entire season during the show, we didn’t speak at all,” she continued.

Before appearing in the silver screen, she had auditioned for the reality dance show “So You Think You Can Dance” in October 2005.

Judges were impressed by her moves and directly sent her to La Vegas for the other round and then to Hollywood in June 2006.

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Shortly after departing from the show, she got opportunity to go on a dance tour along with the top 10 dancers of the show.

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