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Private sector contacts also acknowledge the growing imperative to both open up and diversify the economy and are nearly unanimous in saying that multiple sectors potentially offer substantial opportunities for long-term growth for U. International firms that operate here sometimes complain that the Go A lacks an economic vision, and that laws and regulations are constantly shifting and applied unevenly, raising the perception of commercial risk for foreign investors. Other drawbacks include the 49/51 investment law (which requires majority Algerian ownership of all new businesses), inadequate IPR enforcement, and limited regional trade.Business contracts are likewise subject to changing interpretation and revision, which has proved challenging to U. The lack of a regional market also impacts negatively Algeria, because on its own Algeria's market may not be attractive to firms that can locate elsewhere to create a regional distribution hub. Openness To, and Restrictions Upon, Foreign Investment Attitude toward Foreign Direct Investment Algeria is the epitome of a high risk, high reward economy.Additionally, the Go A argues, and some foreign investors agree, that a range of tailored measures mitigate the effect of the 49/51 rule and allow for other means of control, in practice for the minority foreign shareholder.

Despite the local majority ownership requirement, authorities argue that the law is not an impediment to attracting foreign investment and is needed to diversify investment in Algeria’s economy, foster private sector growth, create employment for nationals, transfer technology and know-how, and develop local training initiatives.

The process is expected to take approximately one year.

No internet links are currently available, as the review is ongoing.

Instead, the Go A’s short term reaction has been to restrict imports in an attempt to lower the import bill and encourage domestic production.

The arbitrary and haphazard way in which the Go A is changing business regulations to discourage imports has only added to the uncertainty of the market.

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