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Around two months ago Vici’s friends, the family of four-month-old baby Inaaya Shabbir, found out the tot was suffering from Wolmans Disease – a rare genetic disease that causes malnutrition and other serious side-effects.Family and friends in both Accrington – where Inaaya’s mother is from – and Birmingham – where the family now live – are trying to raise funds to pay for the treatment which costs more than £6,000 per week.However the obvious benefit is that this also helps form bonds of trust and friendship that will last, giving you a group of like-minded people to carry on taking action for climate justice well beyond the period of the camp itself.Dominic, one of the gentlemen we support at Affinity Supporting People, paid a visit to the local Easter Fair recently.People have done it in past years consistently say it works amazingly, forming really powerful and long-lasting friendships for the future.Depending on what you’re doing, the people you’re linked up with might also be from the same part of the country as you.Find out more To read more about our Dating Safety Tips click here. Read more…Welcome to Dating, a fun and sociable place to meet new people you’d like to go out with.

At Dating we are absolutely committed to doing everything possible to make sure dating online is a pleasurable experience, every step of the way.That’s because some of the arrestable actions will take part away from Didcot.If you’re going to need to attend police stations and possible court appearances afterwards, it’s easier if you’re nearer home rather than having to keep traipsing back to Oxfordshire!“We immediately set to work on the practicalities and logistics of our plan matching our individual skills to key roles and needs.Sunday was spent refining the plan, running through it several times to minimise risks or mishaps.

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