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I think “normal” is relative to each individual divorce situation.The only way to find out if this behavior is normal for their particular situation is to ask your boyfriend what he and his ex agreed to as far as spending time with their son. Maybe you’ve been wearing a bacon scarf and are triggering some sort of primal pork response in his ex-wife, thus her need to always join you for dinner. You might also consider inviting the ex over to talk with you about your relationship with her son.But if it doesn’t, then it’s time to talk with your guy.I’m also curious to know how you feel about his son and how comfortable the boy is with you.If they are truly friendly and amicable, then perhaps the ex-wife can back off a bit without feeling hurt or shortchanged and understand that it’s negatively affecting your relationship with your boyfriend. Can you be yourselves or are you guarded because she’s in the room?I believe all couples need to do the best job with their unique situation and I believe you two need to set up the rules of conduct that works best for you and what’s best for the son. Other than the obvious, what obligation does he feel he still has toward her? I’m guessing from your tone that you’re trying to be as nice as possible without coming across as the jealous girlfriend. The last thing you want is to be seen as a big ole bitch complaining about the ex.Dear 4-Way, My boyfriend is divorced and he shares equal custody of his five-year-old son with his ex-wife.They had an amicable divorce, but now I’m wondering if they’re a little too close; often when she drops him off, he invites her in to have dinner or watch a movie with us… Of the three or four days/nights a week he has his son, she usually ends up spending time with us in some way on about half of those days. I’m all for keeping a friendly relationship going for the benefit of their son, but this feels like a lot to me.

For instance, I’m wondering how you and the ex-wife get along? I’m also wondering if you have begun to take on a mother sort of role with the son, or if you even want to?

Maybe this dinner arrangement is part of an agreement they made to try to create some sense of normalcy and consistency for their son. (Your boyfriend would be present, of course.) Perhaps she keeps stopping by because she’s sizing up the new woman who’s spending so much time with her son.

A conversation that lets her know you’re not angling to be the Replacement Mommy (let’s hope you’re not) might be all she needs to stop the frequent pop-ins.

Yes, he needs to maintain as amicable as possible of a relationship between he and his ex-wife for his son’s sake, but you’re his girlfriend, and he also needs to foster growth in your relationship.

Sandra James had every reason to feel happy and contented when an envelope arrived through the post.

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