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The fact you hate breaking a sweat is about to pay off.

Only available at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pa., this scholarship is designed for grads of Mount Carmel Public High School who don’t use drugs, alcohol, tobacco or “participate in strenuous athletic contests.” When hunting for scholarships, your school of choice should be one of the first places to search, says Lauren Segal, president and CEO of Scholarship America, a Minneapolis-based scholarship fundraising nonprofit.

In addition to your school, professional organizations in your field can also be a robust scholarship source.

Financial aid experts also weigh in with great advice on how all students can up their scholarship eligibility.Students in off-the-beaten-path majors may also be eligible for interstate academic reciprocation. Besides having to write one for the majority of your scholarship applications, give others a try, such as the Profile in Courage Contest at the John F.Designed for students in public schools who want to major in a subject that isn’t offered in their home state, interstate academic reciprocation agreements such as the Academic Common Market and the Western Undergraduate Exchange allow students to attend an out-of-state school for a reduced price. Every week, Zinch hands a cool thousand to high school and college student site members who can answer questions such as, “How has a past disappointment inspired you toward a future success? Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum website at And just for reading an essay and taking a test, the American Fire Sprinkler Association enters you into a drawing for a chance to win ,000. When composing your award-winning essay, Janet Erickson, director of financial aid and enrollment services at the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver, advises students to focus on the essay topic as well as what makes them unique.Whatever your extracurricular interests happen to be, there’s probably an award offered in that area.When applying for scholarships given for a particular talent or interest, candidates can sweeten their application packet by highlighting specific achievements they’ve made in that field, says Zoya Zaitseva, manager of the QS scholarship fund and global operations manager of the QS World MBA Tour, an international series of MBA educational fairs.

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“If there’s some sort of research that they’ve done in that particular area or a project they’ve completed, talk about that,” she says. It’s better than just including generic stuff about your background.” Just when you thought the game of marbles had officially gone the way of the hula hoop, this contest proves otherwise.

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