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Here you can meet singles sincere about finding a meaningful relationship without having to search through endless profiles.

Perfectmatch is the best approach for adults seeking successful, lasting relationships, and the only online dating service to offer Duet, a compatibility matching system that matches you on what really counts. Lavalife's approach to dating allows singles to choose how they want to "click" with other singles by offering three unique dating communities: casual dating, relationships and intimate encounters, as well as phone chat personals.

But anyways when performing a search for say "Search Type" or "Body Type" you can only select one search parameter and not multiples? A Pay site and every one on there only wants the best for thier dollars . Yes we all would like something for nothing but we all know TANSTAAFL (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. I find your ads unobtrusive., A good thing as in your face pisses me (and others) off. I have tried the interests and I seem to find more guys. There is a big battle for marketshare coming, if nothing changes within 6 months plentyoffish will be the largest canadian dating site by far.. It's very easy to navigate through to those that share similar interests.I have a few theories as to why but who cares anyway. Using the advanced search you can search on pretty much any field the user has entered. I also notice that a great many people are willing to travel great distances to come to these events. POF-everyone in one area Lavalife-only a blocking feature POF-filtering system Lavalife-stupid backstages that will cost you to see POF-more pics upfront Shall I go on or do I need to add in the Pineapples at Casualkiss and the Melons at Flirt????? I spent hundreds of dollars on LL over the past 3 years (I know.own damn fault, but I was willing to do whatever was necessary to find "my one" at the time). If you click on a profile and see a women seeking women all images on the top of the profile are of women seeking women.If POF had a better search tool I might enjoy it more, right now I just lurk around in the forums and rarely search anymore. Lavalife recently announced they are going to stop advertising in the usa and focus on Canada, I suspect that is mostly because plentyoffish. Ummmm I'm like most guys and would like the 3sum thing but I need to find a women for me first! Some of the biggest abusers of women I've every met made mucho denero! I think it is because of the comarderie that has happened in the forums. And let's not forget the Yahoo Personal that allow you only one frickin icebreaker!!! Unless your logged into the site then they go off your settings.3.I have yet to meet anyone from here but I will tomorrow as I am going to the party at the Fox and the Fiddle...something that Lava never arranged for it's members, the ability to make get togethers. Showcases the Best dating and relationship services.

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