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This approach also doesn’t allow for testing to make sure your links are good.

But alas, it’s basically a must for any serious affiliate marketer.

So – they want to see an honest, objective review of a product before they buy it. So find great products, provide and honest review with benefits and weaknesses, recommend the product, and offer affiliate links to purchase them.

A question plaguing most beginners with affiliate marketing…

Sometimes they want to see their options for a product category, but often times they just want to justify to themselves why it’s OK to buy that product they really want.

It provides great stats for clicks sent, and also gives you great comparative numbers on how much others are really earning for sales across all merchants.

But their products are generally not as juicy as those on Click Bank.

Ad Sense is a great revenue option, but affiliate marketing can easily bring in double your Ad Sense revenue, WITHOUT impacting your Ad Sense earnings. But if that’s your main attempt at affiliate marketing, then it’s a big waste of your time and effort.

What’s more, the work you put into developing a good affiliate marketing strategy will pay off for months and years to come. People visiting your site (your readers, web visitors) are looking for information.

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And if you’re doing your job well and putting together great information, then your articles and reviews will be indexed and well ranked by the search engines – making it THAT much easier for these searchers to find your site instead of someone else’s.

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