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One of these phrases is unlocked each time the player interacts with the Hipster in Mauville City Pokémon Center.The easy chat system was brought over to Generation IV games as well.Throughout the Sinnoh region, various reporters could be found.When approached, they ask questions either regarding recent actions or general opinions.Repeating a special phrase will not result in another special Berry, and neither will stating any other phrase.Instead, she will hand out a random Berry from numbers 1 to 10 (Cheri Berry to Sitrus Berry).

Then, by talking to the NPC near the PC and inputting a certain four-word phrase, Mystery Event will be activated.The player can compose a message using up to nine words or phrases.Any regional Pokémon that the player has seen will appear as a phrase for the system.The easy chat system debuted in the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal. The easy chat system was introduced to international games in this generation.It allowed the game to process inputs that were more personal than the typical yes/no choices of Generations I and II.

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If the National Pokédex is unlocked, non-regional Pokémon are also added as phrases (regardless of whether the player has seen it).

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