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Whereas normal contact lenses are fitted to a particular wearer's eye shape by diameter and curvature, each individual lens in SCP-558 seems to be able to conform to any eye shape.Testing is currently underway to determine the composition of the material without damaging the lenses.Testing with gamma rays is being planned, though researchers are unsure if they might harm SCP-558-2. Testing with the lenses of group Three (3) revealed that rather than allowing a wearer to perceive wavelengths previously invisible, the green lenses enhance the colors of the visible spectrum to a high degree. Test subjects reported an unparalleled vividness of color and clarity in normally dull objects. These colors seem to correspond to distinct properties, though all lenses appear to correct vision to 20/20, regardless of subjects' actual vision quality.

Tests indicate that these lenses, inverse to the red lenses, allow wearers to perceive wavelengths shorter than visual light.

The addition of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun to already intense visible light means that direct sunlight is simply too intense to view comfortably.

Test subjects were also able to see X-rays coming from a nearby medical examination room.

However, it was quickly noticed that somehow, subjects' field of vision had been expanded.

While normal humans have 140° field of binocular vision with 40° peripheral vision (20° each on the right and left), testing indicated subjects' binocular vision covered 210°, while their peripheral vision covered an additional 60° (30° each on the right and left).

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A Class D personnel with a history of drug use reported a similar experience to the use of some hallucinogens, though much more consistent and vivid.

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