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The earliest description of neck swelling is found in atharva veda by the name apachi.Charaka first described about the disease under the 20 varieties of sleshma vikaras.It has deepana, pacahna, kapha vata hara properties.It is recommended in galaganda, kandu, sotha, apachi, vrana, medoroga, vidradhi, gulma selected as anupana along with KNG.But hypothyroidism is not just a localized disease.It has many symptoms related to many systems of the body. Tertiary (due to hypothalamic deficiency of TRH), the later two are rare and may not be amicable to Ayurvedic treatments.Of the blood tests for hypothyroidism, the TSH is the most sensitive test Inclusion Criteria Weight gain/unable to loss weight Vertigo Easy fatigability Lethargy Cold intolerance Hair loss Slowness of memory, intellect and thought Anorexia Constipation Gaseous distention Hoarseness/slowness of voice Menstrual irregularities Oligomenorrhoea /Amenorrhea Parasthesias Muscle cramps and weakness Muscle stiffness and aching Dry skin Coarse, brittle, dull hair Puffiness of the face, hands, feet, slow reflexes Goiter The drug Kanchanara guggulu a compound Ayurvedic preparation consists of Guggulu, Kanchanara, Varuna, Triphala, Trikatu and Trijataka (preparation of the drug mentioned in drug aspect).

The amount of stimulation the cells receive from thyroxine will determine how 'quickly' they perform their functions.Susutha has described that out of seven layers of the skin, the sixth layer Rohini is galaganda rogadhistana (Su. In nidana sthana he described galaganda as two encapsulated small or big swellings in the anterior angle of the neck, which hang like scrotum The etiological factors in galaganda include climatic conditions, water supply, dietary conditions and other surroundings etc.Susrutha stated that rivers flowing towards east might give rise to the occurrence of galaganda, and the persons consuming predominantly fish are liable to develop galgaganda.Any structural or functional defects of thyroid gland that significantly impairs its output of hormones will lead to the hypo metabolic state of hypothyroidism.The symptoms of hypothyroidism are notorious for their nonspecific nature and for the way in which they mimic many symptoms of other diseases. Vertigo, weight gain, mood disturbances, easy fatigability, tiredness, lethargy, slowness of memory, intellect and thought, menstrual irregularities, cold intolerance, dry rough skin, thin brittle hair, hair fall, Muscle stiffness, aching, myalgias, cramps, weakness and fatigue, myxedema, constipation, hoarseness of voice, goiter etc.

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