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Jack London's , one of my favorites, looks at racial tension in the South, with a bit of courtroom drama (and who doesn't love that? Apart from these, most of the books are not challenging reads.Some of the topics are more mature than I'd prefer for elementary school children.And some are about specific events: the story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, or the Montgomery Bus Boycott; writing the Constitution, fighting the battle of Gettysburg, building the Panama Canal.From making moonshine during Prohibition, to unconstitutional internment in prison camps during WWII; from Chinese labor in the Sierra Nevadas of California, to teens fighting in the Civil War, this course offers a wide range of perspectives, nationalities, and locations.Sonlight's 100 Literature moves roughly chronologically through American History.

In this work, their photographs and firsthand accounts bring to life the realities, hopes and devastation of war.As your children transition to independent learning, they will examine the events, people, and debates that molded the United States.This course builds on the foundation of Joy Hakim's award-winning series . In her 10 volumes of history (and an eleventh book with original source documents), she tells the story from the first peoples who came to North America on. But to expand on Hakim, the Instructor's Guide has something like 300 more pages of notes and articles.A beautifully illustrated, scholarly look into the civilizations before the time of Columbus in America.Focuses on three main questions: Was the "New World" really new?

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There is a novel told in vignettes, a novel told from multiple points of view, an epistolary novel, and a novel-in-verse.

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