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If a company gets breached or uses shoddy security practices, there's little users can do about it.

In addition, friend-finding is an untapped area for social networking apps.

) The solution for the Tinder Social problem is easy enough to fix, though. The feature is currently opt-out instead of opt-in – that is, you can disable it from the app’s Settings screen.

Clearly, Tinder needs to make a change to how this is enabled or risk alienating a portion of its user base before it rolls this out more broadly.

Meanwhile, a new batch of startups today are developing their own take on “Tinder for finding friends.” And most notably, one of Tinder’s top competitors Bumble, founded by early Tinder employees including Whitney Wolfe (yes, she of the sexual harassment lawsuit), also recently launched a friend-finding function.

However, in Bumble’s case, it’s about connecting individuals, not groups.

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