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By incorporating conversations about TDV in your work and by listening to what young people have to say about their feelings and experience of abuse, you can create a culture of trust where young people feel that they have something to gain by disclosing their experience.

We use the term for the sake of consistency in sharing common language, but there are few important points to be made about this phrase…

P&C wheel NO As we mentioned above, while providing youth with information about abusive relationships, it is essential to contrast those behaviors with information about healthy relationships.

The teen equality wheel below is a helpful tool for depicting the spectrum of supportive, respectful, trust fostering behaviors that young people can expect in their relationships.

Differences between TDV and adult domestic violence include the fact that teens have less control over their lives and schedules generally including the school that they attend, their routes to school, where they work, their class schedule, activity schedules, etc.

Additionally, there are far fewer resources and systems designed to protect victims of TDV.

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